You know

You know when you’re leaving the house. And you check to make sure the lights are all off, and you have everything you need. You’ve got the stuff you’re dropping off. And the bank book because the credit card is due. And you’ve got the list. The list is important. And a head full of times. TheSaturday brunch ends @1:30. There’s a movie at 4:15 if you can make it. But better have the wine by then because the store’ll be closed after.Which is why you have the knapsack. To lug it all around. And you think of her, but there’s nothing you can do.It distracts you for a second though and the cat gets out.So alter the schedule cause you gotta come home between the movie and the dinner party because he’ll probably be cold and willing to come back in by then. Which maybe means the movie’s off. Which maybe means you should phone them, arrange something, get that over with.

You know that feeling?

That’s the music I want to dance to.

Like, this guy came up to me yesterday in an overcoat. I couldn’t tell if it was filthy or just an elegant fabric. But he told me this story. Here, I wrote it down:

You know those big lights they set up to do road work at night? They’re as bright as daylight, but blue-white.They’re great. They’re like truth or something.

I was in Ottawa a couple of years ago, just wandering around downtown in the middle of the night. And I ran into a bunch of those lights.And Andy Warhol. He was doing a portrait of MargaretTrudeau. She was down on all fours in an alley. He was spray painting the side of a brick building. It was just her and him, and the lights. And actually, he needed a boost upon to a garbage can to do some details on her ears. You never heard about that portrait because the building was demolished by the morning.That was the real reason for all the lighting. Andy refused to give me an autograph. He did offer to spray paint my hair, but I was sort of on my way to a job interview. He did answer one question for me though.”

Mr. Warhol. What’s your favourite flavour ofCampbell’s soup?”

“Well, I don’t mind most of them, but really, I think they do taste better if you don’t bother opening the can.”