Disclaimer 325

You get what you get

A few months ago, late fall I guess, I was sitting by the pool at work, catching the last of the good sun

It is great to work in hi-tech

Anyway, there was this guy, Mike, from, I’m not sure what department, maybe pre-sales. I’m thinking pre-sales because his family was with him poolside. I’d never met him before. He was wading through the pool slowly, sort of hunched over, staying near the warm water jets.

He started to tell me his story. Beaten up, still faint bruises two weeks later, over some criminal matter, him a bodyguard in his spare time, something about the supreme court.

But then he had to cut it off, begin the slow process of exiting the pool after the kids yelled that they could see their mom getting out of the car with the bags of take-out food.

Really, his stories would have been much more interesting than mine. But people like him (people who do things) don’t usually have the spare time to spend their evenings recounting their adventures in public forums.

The adventures I retell may not be as compelling as his, but on the other hand I am willing to put in the effort to polish and practice my delivery of them.

You get what you get