I think that the biggest

change that the CD player has wrought on the world is that it has made it easy to repeat a single track over and over again. For hours.

It took people a few years to begin to admit that they did this. I guess it seemed too much like rushing to the department store to buy a scarf just like the ones the BayCity Rollers used to wear.

But we’ve finally figured out that everyone does it. So the shame is gone.

If I ever put out a CD I’m gonna want at least 4 tracks that work well when repeated endlessly.

This single track repeat feature has replaced our need for religion. Or, it is the new religion, the worship of the moment, the worship of progress.

In the modern world, if you find something you love, you might as well OD on it, make yourself sick of it, because there’ll be something better and cooler the next day.