I wish I had a dream

 I wish I had a dream last night

that I was standing in a parking lot in Las Vegas, with the eight wonders of the world surrounding me in neon.Everything antiseptic dirt and dry heat. And then I see my niece Connie standing inside a wire fence, beside a pool at the Motel 6. And I just walkover and go through a convenient gate in the fence.And she notices me and runs over and gives me a hug. And Paul is there, before his prison tattoos. And then I notice I’m wearing no pants, but we’re at a pool anyways, and they both know I’m a goof so I don’t care. And we just hang around, eating home-made popsicles and doing cannonballs. And hours later a big green UFO zooms in with a sound of electric horror and sucks me up. And I awake to my alarm.

But, I never remember my dreams anymore.