Lin Yutang

Johnny wanted to have the word nice tattooed on his lefthand, one letter per knuckle, just like a biker

Then he would chop the handoff and wear it around hisneck as a pendant

And the hand would be griping a piece of paper, and on that paper would be a list of all the cool people thatJohnny had met in his life

Action and attitude were his dichotomy

Johnny’s dream in life was to invent a new word. His hero was Lin Yutang, 3rd century B.C. in China. Lin invented the word family. There had never been a distinction before between those people you lived with who weren’t related by parents, and those who were.His new word was actually a pun on the words for slavery and suckling. You can’t judge such an act of creation by its consequences. It is a stroke of a god who feels the right to make the world as he sees fit.Johnny could see no reason not to be such a god.